High Speed Engineering started out as a CNC engineering business in Perth back in 2002. Since then, we have been supplying high quality machined components to many industries, including subsea, rail, mining, research, automotive and scientific, among many others.

In that time, we have been manufacturing aftermarket parts, including oil pump gears, for tuning shops and individuals all over Australia. We have developed our own method for creating accurate, high quality billet oil pump gears that thrive in high horsepower applications, many of them going into 1000+ horsepower builds.

With the increase in people wanting to replace their OEM parts with stronger, better aftermarket alternatives, OILPUMPGEARS.COM was born.

OEM manufacturers tend to use a “Sintered” metal for their gears. From a mass-production point of view, this is the most cost-effective way to create the parts for a vehicles heart. Unfortunately, as sintered metal is simply powdered metal compressed under extreme pressure, the material is not homogenous and can easily fracture in stressful situations commonly experienced in motorsport.

Our oil pump gears are manufactured from 4340 billet steel stock and are isotropic polished before they go out to customers. 4340 is a high strength, high toughness chromoly steel, sourced from quality Korean mills, through Australian distributers, with appropriate material traceability. We do not use Chinese stock material.

What truly sets us apart from other manufacturers, aside from being Australian made, is that we polish our gears to a very fine finish. Isotropic finishing is a metal working process that removes the “high points” which are part of all machining processes. We use a chemical process that uses an etching compound in combination with fine ceramic stones in a vibrating tub to smooth out and polish the surfaces, leaving the part with an almost mirror finish. This means reducing friction, vibration and noise from the moving parts while eliminating stress points from the material.

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